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As you compare your options, here are five of the best credit repair companies:. Learn more about each of these companies and about how to choose the right one for your credit repair needs.

How I Fixed Credit Fast: Removed Collections, Charge-off, and Adverse Accounts - 30 Days - Secret!

While there are a lot of reputable and solid credit repair services vying for your patronage, here are our top 5 favorites. Because if you have good credit, you have access to funds when you need them—no matter how much land you own or how much cash is in your account. This is why checking errors and raising your score is so important.

And there are many reasons that hiring an agency to do this makes sense. For a credit repair company, credit repair is their business—it's what they do all day, every day.

These companies know what factors affect your credit the most, they know what to dispute, and with their years of experience and all their resources, they'll probably even catch things you missed. Credit repair companies also know how to communicate with your creditors, which is half the battle. But credit repair companies know your consumer rights inside and out, so when they communicate with creditors, everything is out on the table.

Look, DIY credit repair is definitely an option, and if you have an unlimited amount of free time, you can go through the process yourself. You can dispute credit report errors, call your debtors, and mail letters to credit bureaus. And follow up, again and again. But aside from possibly missing something, the process will definitely take up a lot of your time—there's no way around it: credit repair is an extremely tedious process that requires multiple calls, multiple letters, and sometimes months of waiting.

A credit repair company does all this work for you. Say you had a credit score of , which is considered very good. With a credit score, you might get an interest rate of around 4. All thanks to your credit score. And if a credit repair service can help you clean up your credit score, you could be getting a ton of breaks and saving a ton of cash.

Most creditors aren't going to believe you actually know all your consumer rights, even though you have them. And a creditor sure wouldn't volunteer that information to you. But credit repair companies are well-versed with those rights and the letter of the law and they know what to look for. Because they do stay informed about consumer rights and laws, credit repair services can write letters that hold more clout than yours—this is often because when they do contact creditors, they do so within these boundaries, leaving them little room for debate.

After all, the industry sometimes gets a bad rap because of the dishonest companies that used to prey on unknowing consumers. But they are required to give you full disclosure, which has created the emergence of some very reputable services that are easy to research. But since they are not all created equal, there are a few very important factors you should look for when finding yours.

The first thing to do when trying to find out if a credit repair company is reputable is to check with the Better Business Bureau BBB. The next thing you can do is check for online reviews by simply Googling the company, and see what real life people are saying. Social media is often a good place to find out what people think of a service, too, as are other reputable websites. Reputable credit repair companies will offer you a free consultation before they get started. In other words, you might find several reviews from people who claim the company helped them raise their credit score by a certain number of points.

Bottom line: look for companies whose previous customers can attest to their success. After all, they have access to very sensitive information from all their customers, and bonding and insurance safeguards you against that information being compromised. You'll be dealing with whatever company you choose on a regular basis, and you'll probably have questions along the way and concerns you need addressed.

In doing so, customer service is a huge factor. And you should be able to reach them in a timely manner and have regular contact. If you feel uncomfortable in this stage, you probably need to keep looking. After all, you probably hired them to speed up the process of improving your score. Again, check reviews and see how long it took them to clean up the credit of others. Also, many companies charge for their services by the month. So if they fail to deliver any results in that first month, it may be time to move on to someone else.

Reputable credit repair companies are concerned about helping you clean up your credit, and part of this is providing educational material that teaches you how. Most credit repair companies offer credit monitoring services, which can help keep you informed of fraud, or just let you know when a negative item has impacted your score. Monitoring is an essential service I recommend anyway.

So why not find a credit repair service that offers it built in to their price?

Don't let "bad credit" keep you from getting the things you want.

Any reputable service is not going to make grandiose claims that none of their clients can attest to. Examples of reasonable claims would be the ability to get incorrect negative items removed from your report, and raising your credit score by a reasonable amount.

In other words, if a company promises everyone who hires them is guaranteed an credit score, avoid them like the plague. Credit repair is simply taking steps to fix your credit score, and the process itself may include different actions, depending on the individual problems. Some credit reports need extensive repair, especially if someone has had problems with fraud. But others contain a few minor errors that can be resolved quickly.

Negative Items On Your Credit Report

Basically, if you have a habit of paying your bills on time, a new lender will view you as a good credit risk. Depending on your situation, a credit repair company may work to get items removed that mistakenly reflect a negative payment history, which would usually mean that the entire account does not belong on your report. When an account is removed, the payment history is removed, and your score goes up. A credit repair company may advise you to pay down some of your balances as quickly as possible, and they might also advise you to open more lines of credit to expand your available balance.

For example, someone with a one-year track record of on-time payments will have a better credit score than someone with a year history of late or missed payments.


For example, someone with a retail account, car loan, and mortgage will have a better score than someone with just retail accounts, if all other factors are the same. The whole purpose of credit repair companies is, of course, to help you raise your credit scores. Here's how the process generally plays out:. They'll also send requests to the credit bureau and creditors to validate your information if they feel there is a chance for mistake or fraud.

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During this process, the credit repair company will likely also send cease-and-desist letters to debt collectors , which is meant to stop the collection calls and letters and let them know you're working to resolve your debt. In addition to dealing with creditors on your behalf, the credit repair company may also offer a consulting service, which could include advising you to open new accounts to add positive activity to your reports, or they might advise you on which accounts should be your top priorities. No, the sign up process is super easy. Just give us a call and we will walk you through our 3-easy steps.

Our expert staff will walk you through on how to obtain your 3-bureau report. One of the best ways to detect erroneous reports are the discrepancies in all 3-Major Credit Reports. We take as little time as possible to achieve your goals, with our new system it moves along much faster than other companies. But we do offer a Day Money Back Guarantee. By then you should know the direction your credit is headed in. Yes, we maintain your intimate personal information as if it were our own. All access is severely limited. So that should be the first timeline to view your results.

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Your personal manager will peruse the report with you and determine what should be challenged or is erroneous. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Free Consultation: Call now for a free consultation.


How Credit Repair Works? Testimonials Zorro Credit is fantastic! Adolfo Perales. Miles Carlisle. And our philosophy is simple, get your credit score fixed as fast as possible. Bad credit can hinder your ability to make any major financial decisions. Whether from bad financial decisions or through bad financial circumstances, you need fast credit repair.

BoostMyScore can help with our fast credit repair services.

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair

With the help of BoostMyScore, you can receive a significant fast credit score improvement in less than 60 days, guaranteed! This helps boost your credit score while taking some of the responsibility off you. While BoostMyScore does not offer legal advice or opinions to determine if adding tradelines are legal, we have located extensive evidence to show it is not illegal. In an effort to better educate the FTC and the Colorado attorney general, BoostMyScore has provided information about our business practices. We also have sought the opinions of several lawyers, none of whom found the tradeline piggybacking practice to violate the law.

BoostMyScore is not affiliated with or endorsed by any bank, financial institution, or credit card company.